spectrum gals-2-tEver notice how girls with odd skin color tend to be kind of tall? Throw the comic a vote to see what I’m talking about. Max is 6’1″, Dabbler is 5’10”, and I have measurements for some of the girls but I had to make assumptions about a lot of the others.

I hadn’t planned on using this picture again, at least until it was totally finished, but I spent a lot of time on it and I don’t really have anything else ready at this point. I say totally finished because in my head it will have at least 5 girls of each hue (including the non-hued “chalky” ones at the one end and the “dusky” ones at the other. This is assuming I can think of 5 of each color. Blue seems to be the easiest. Yellow will be tougher, as will “dusky.” Red is curiously difficult as well. I’m constraining myself to characters people will have a chance to recognize, even if they’re kind of obscure, so “some red demon chick” doesn’t make the cut, nor does someone’s OC they’ve drawn three times and put on DA 7 years ago.

The final version may have a different background on it as I’m thinking of adding some lounge chairs or pillows for some of them to sit on. I’ll also post a bigger version of it and also probably make some prints to sell at cons and what not. Compare this one to the first version posted up at DeviantArt.