artbrosean-tInstead of drawing my own vote incentive this month, I decided to hire out the job, primarily so I can spend the time I would have spent on it putting the book together*. Anyone who has read Spying with Lana, a funny and very sexy comic I have in my recommendation list (under the NSFW heading) should immediately recognize the artist I got to do this slightly compromising picture of Maxima. I marked it NSFW for some underboob. It’s not actually explicit, but a little moreso than I usually post.

Immediately after this scene, it’s possible that this happened. Or this, this, or this. You get the idea. There’s an outside chance that all that happened was this, depending very much on the situation and who it was who walked in on her.

*If anyone’s wondering, I’ve made all the corrections, and I’m building it in InDesign. It went slow at first because for the first 50 pages or so I didn’t have print ready PDFs. I just exported web ready versions out of photoshop, but now I’m past that and I should be able to finish that the next time I sit down to do it. Still have to scan some stuff and do a cover but it’s getting closer.