The April vote incentive is posted. It’s obviously a work in progress. It was going to be the Valentines Day picture, with the dirty version showing select ladies in between bar choices, but as I was draw it, it didn’t make sense that they’d be posting like that without bras on. Not that many of you would have minded I’m sure.

The story behind this post is the ladies visit Jeanette’s Bras in… Hollywood I believe. Jenette’s Bras being run by Jenette Goldstein, the actress that played Vasquez in Aliens (as well as John Connor’s step mom in Terminator 2 and other rolls.) Apparently she’s a fairly chesty woman, which wasn’t super obvious in Aliens cause she was in the best shape of her life in that film. Anyway, she’d gone for a long time in her life without ever properly being fitted for one, and when she finally did get someone who knew what they were doing, she was like “Oh! bras don’t suck!” And she opened a bra shop for well endowed ladies.

I thought it would be a fun PR thing if the team stopped by. Obviously Jenette knows about were-jaguars and all that. She’s savvy. And since she knew the whole team was coming (the female portion anyway) she stocked up on some sub-D sizes as well.