Now in amazing color!

Click here or on the pic to vote! (But be warned this particular picture is a little cheescakey.)

So there’s this thing called the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive that was started by Stef Marcinkowski who does Sarah Zero, a webcomic that honestly I am largely unfamiliar with. Basically it’s an excuse to draw your characters nude and post them on V-Day. Now before anyone gets too excited, this is just going to be a picture of Harem. Granted it’s all 5 of her, and in the vote incentive she’ll actually be clothed, although somewhat scantily. On Valentines Day I’ll post a topless version of the pic (assuming I’m finished with it by then) on the DeviantArt page.

This picture is from the Playboy shoot that Harem will eventually do. Presumably hilarity and hubba hubba will ensue.

Edit: Color version is up. Background and Topless versions still in progress.