Stef Marcinkowski of the comic Sara Zero (link below) organizes an annual thing called the Valentines Day Sex Drive, which is basically an excuse for webcomicers to draw their characters in the buff, then everyone crosslinks each other, fun is had by all. It’s not just naked ladies either, apparently last year half the entries were of guys or couples.

I’ve finished the Harem vote incentive, you can vote for it here as usual, but I also have direct link to a wallpaper sized version on the DeviantArt page:
With tops and the   NSFW   topless one   NSFW   here.

Here are all the participants, they should have their VDSD entry posted somewhere you can easily find it. Most of the comics below are not normally NSFW and some are, but at least for this week:

  Assume all links below are NSFW