Obviously Cora launched that FTL Comm Relay. Otherwise that conversation with Frix would have taken thirty years.

I’m not sure conflating Terrans with super powers and mass stupidity in the minds of the alien public is going to be a formula for reasoned discourse, but the space internet is as the space internet does. Let’s just hope their space news-feed algorithms are a lot less echo chambery than ours. Even so, that Einstein quote about there being only two or fewer infinite things feels exceedingly appropriate lately.

I have to imagine space-reddit has to have subreddits like r/Species_X_be_like, cause especially if there a bunch of monocultures like ferengi or klingons, stereotypes will abound. Also, I’d like to think that most alien species wouldn’t be a bunch of snowflakes. Like if you make a joke about a klingon starting a bar fight, I’d think most klingons would be all “Yeah, we totally would.” I’d hate to think that humans would be the snowflake race. Well, we wouldn’t be, at least not monolithically. Humans are always the “Anything we can do, you can selectively do better, but the point is we can do anything” race.

Woofs are the “date your daughter without too much fear of some dad taking a swing at them” race. Well, they’re in that group, along with the bugs from Starship Troopers (not that they date much, but most dads aren’t going to step up to one of those) Xenomorphs, Yautja… actually it’s probably a pretty long list, but then I guess it might depend on what race your dad is. It’s a chart with at least two axes.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

It’s done! And by done I mean it’s about ready to send off to the people who volunteered to spot check all my weird uses of ‘and’ when I meant to type ‘an.’ I’m going to give the new scene a once-over and send it off.

I really did not think it would take six months from when I started posting these updates, but at least the updated kept me on track better than me going “Oh, yeah, wasn’t I working on a book?” once every six weeks.

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