This page took a long time to lay out, cause I really wanted to include some dialog that I finally cut for space. Sydney starts off by saying “Didn’t Napoleon or Himmler or someone say…” and Arianna responds with “Sydney, as your public relations manager, I beseech you to never publicly quote anyone in Nazi high command. Even if they said two plus two equals four, please do not attribute them with the notion.” Her mom adds “I entirely concur.” To which Sydney says “Right, that makes sense. I… I wasn’t trying to invoke…”

But I couldn’t make it all comfortably fit. I just liked the exchange because it shows Arianna and Mom being on the same wavelength. I also assumed that bit would cause a bunch of comments about whether or not it’s appropriate to quote professional assholes even when they say something sensible. Jeffrey Dahmer might have said something very prescient and poignant at some point, but quotes are nearly as much about who said them as they are about what was being said, in my opinion. Einstein might very well have at some point in his life said “Sometimes when you fart, God rolls his dice to determine if something other than gas comes out.” But people never invoke Einstein for oddly phrased folksy flatulence wisdom. Besides, tons of quotes are mis-attributed, so really, you can probably just attribute whatever you want to whoever you want. After all, did not Galileo once say, “Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me”?

Wearing the Cape #8 came out recently, for everyone into superhero novels. Also, WtC #7 came out a while ago, (which is unsurprising given that 8 is out, and considering how both time and numerical progression usually goes) and I think I forgot to pimp it, so check that link if you’re behind.

Wearing the Cape was my first superhero novel, and is among my favorites. It’s also the only series Sydney has had a cameo in (check the sidebar there if that is news to you).

Around the same time I read Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, which is another of my favorites, and actually does a great job of showing how an honest guy could get pushed into supervillainy.

I also read a She-Hulk novel, in which she had recently broken up with Tony Stark, and for some reason had a secret identity. Well, it was a secret so she could have a cool reveal at some point, but I remember the book being entertaining if not especially seminal.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

I want to keep noodling on it, but I could spend six months doing that, so I sent it off to the proofers last night. I will probably continue to tweak bits here and there while it’s getting the once over, but I expect to have it to you guys in early January?

This month’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. One of my own secret agents, Pixel, is trying to assist, with various levels of success and… nudity. Well, in the Patreon versions. The Vote Incentive will give you a pretty good idea of what might go down. Here’s a dedicated post in case you want to comment.

Check out Spying with Lana. Their current vote incentive features a certain gold-plated glamazon. Also it’s a funny comic with tons of skin.

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