If you can make copies of yourself, there’s a lot of mischief you can get up to. Harem has customized all her dupes with dye jobs, haircuts and tattoos in some cases, but there was a time when she had at least two of herself that still looked identical. Well, that happens each time she gets strong enough to make a new dupe. It appears as a copy of her strawberry blonde self, but usually she figures out some fashion trend to take it down so it doesn’t stay looking like her “original” self for long.

But the pranks that a duplicator can pull really pale in comparison to the ones a teleporter can pull. Unless the duplicator can make disposable dupes which they can pitch headlong into a tree mulcher or any other number of gruesome things.

Really, the teleporter can do the “I invented a disintegrator gun, watch!” or a “Beam me up, Scotty.” with minimal effort, and presumably Harem’s already pulled those on multiple people. The “Log Off” requires a slightly more tech savvy group, but has the potential for hilariouser consequences.

She could also really push the “yeah, this is a video game” prank if she wanted to by talking about DLC and teleporting one of her other selves into the space she just occupied to make it look like she bought a new hairstyle and a fancy dress using “ImmersionQuest Bucks” and then watch a room full of people wave their hands about trying to pull up their UI while she films them acting like mental patients. She’s found the prank usually falls apart well before she gets that far though.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Proofing’s kind of on hold until I get the vote incentive out.

January’s vote incentive is titled “The Origin of The Might Halo.” Hopefully the reason is evident.

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