An odd page, admittedly, but things are happening on the other side of the Earth.

I didn’t write this page intending to dump on Mozambique, but I had to decide where Galytn actually was, and based on other higher altitude maps I’ve drawn, it’s at the southern tip of Malawai and overlaps into Mozambique slightly. The country started off about a quarter the size of Rhode Island, but has expanded considerably. Mostly directly south so Deus can connect it to the Zambezi, and then to the ocean.

I did a little research on Mozambique and it’s supposedly one of the poorer African nations, is rife with corruption, and according to wikipedia, their air force is comprised of 8 jets (mostly old Russian castoffs), 2 attack helicopters, and a number of cargo transports and training planes. Presumably one of the jets was down for maintenance when they tried to stop Deus last time. And as Deus states, less than 1% of Marromeu’s (a city along the Zambezi) population has electricity. So it seems to me, or at least Deus, that some of the population might appreciate a little industrialization. The endemic corruption is probably why the country is languishing as it is. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the geopolitics of the area, but I am going to assume that’s the case, which is why Deus has decided that a change of administration is required before he starts putting down infrastructure there.

In Mozambique’s favor, they do have quite a few tanks, so we’ll see how Deus’s campaign goes.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Proofing’s back on. One last set of notes left to go through. I should be able to do that this week. At that point, it should be done. I want to do some more work on the cover, but I also want to get it out to you guys, cause honestly I think it’s pretty entertaining. So… maybe I’ll release it with a mostly finished cover. You guys will definitely find a few extra typos if the first book was any indication, so I can fold those in as I noodle the cover for the final final version.

January’s vote incentive is titled “The Origin of The Might Halo.” Hopefully the reason is evident.

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