The marketer in me thinks maybe it’s a bit of a missed opportunity that I didn’t make the orbs more distinct. As a group of seven shown in color, they’re identifiable, but they do lack a certain uniqueness like for instance a Dragon Ball. I could slip one of those on to a page somewhere and people would immediately know what it was. If these orbs were to cameo in another comic, it’d would be more difficult to recognize them at a glance, but oh well. Maybe the one with the pseudopod in it would work. On the other hand I don’t want to overthink stuff, else it might get that corporate designed by committee stink on it. (Yes but do orbs make good toy tie ins? Let’s make them lego pieces instead since we already have a relationship with Lego Corp.)

Pushing Maxima’s buttons isn’t a challenge, I think Dabbler is just an adrenaline junkie.

The green orb is supposed to say “PROPERTY OF GALLAXHAR” but it’s way too small to be legible. :P