A few people predicted something like this would happen, I’m sure there will be plenty of predictions as to what comes next, though at this point given what we know about the players involved, there are a diminishing set of possibilities. Hopefully I’ll have a few surprises for you though. The weakness of the once a week format. I was hoping this page would take a little less time to draw since there’s fewer panels but the larger I draw the more time I spend on it generally.

So now that Dabbler’s met Sydney for real (or is about to), I’ll point out that you can see more of her in the webcomic Wereworld (NSFW). I’ve mentioned it before in the comments but most people probably haven’t seen the link yet. It’s drawn by Rann, another old Fred Perry Fan Club alumni. (The FPFC is a defunct IRC chat room that a few dozen fans used to frequent over a decade ago). Wereworld is sort of on hiatus at the moment, and even when it’s not it updates slower than mine, but it’s been running since 2002 so its got a decent sized archive. Bookmark it for a lazy Saturday morning. Dabbler appears in it simply because Rann liked her design and asked to borrow her, and I was all for it.

BTW given some of the discussions about breast… buoyancy, I considered drawing Dabbler’s second set of arms doing a cup and lift action, but I thought that might distract from the main point of the page.