Sydney: “I’m not leaving this country until I learn to curse in Xhosa, Chiktr, Alar, Makhuwa, Changana, Nyanja, Ndau, Sena, Chwabo, and Tswa.” (She already knows how to curse in Portuguese.)

Mozambique’s “non-surrender” was largely due not just to a grievously outmatched military, but a line of two story tall demons marching in flaming columns.


I’m not an expert in local Mozambique superstitions, but it’s safe to say that the largest and scariest demons were placed in high visibility positions to freak the defending team the fuck out. A lot of fire blasts, the odd piece of livestock consumed whole when they knew they were being watched. Those sorts of shenanigans. The occasional Alari flyover and Super powers were icing on the cake at that point.

And yes, that much weight should bend the bar slightly… if he was gripping it near the center, like close grip bench or something, but he’s got his hands near the outer knurling grips, like a wide bench, meaning he’s holding the bar about 6″ from the weights. Therefore, I was correct to use the straight line tool to draw the outline of the bar. :)

Can I have a little tangent here? Totally unrelated to the comic or anything, but I recently invested in a new keyboard. I’ve been playing God of War on the PC (that game desperately needs a Teal’c and Rya’c skin mod) and discovered that the old keyboard was having ghosting problems with the game. Walking back and to the side while holding CTRL and R to recall the Leviathan Axe tends to overwhelm the circuit board of most keyboards. Yes, I know you don’t have to hold CTRL to recall the axe, but you have to hold it to throw it, and it’s one less thing to think about if I can just keep it down while I’m ping-ponging the axe off of draugr and whatever.

Anyway, the keyboard I got is a nice gaming one with backlighting and Cherry Brown keycaps… The thing is, I had been using a Microsoft Sidewinder 6X keyboard (largely because you can snap the tenkey off of one side and either leave it off or attach it to the left side of the keyboard where it can function like a tenkey or be assigned macros. I like taking it off so I have more maneuvering room for my mouse. It’s just how I do.) The problem is, the 6x basically uses laptop keys. Not really, but they’re shallow. I’ve been using that keyboard for like… ten years? I wrote both T:E novels on it. It’s safe to say my muscle memory has become quite accustomed to it. Your average mechanical gaming keyboard… the keycaps are smaller with bigger gaps between the keys and you have to depress the keys about 3 times as far to get them to register. Okay, maybe not, but it feels like it. The distance between the top of the keys and the face of the keyboard (like by the arrow keys) feels like stepping off a curb I didn’t realize was there. I’ve had this new keyboard for a week now and it’s really nice, but man, it feels like I’m drunk every time I try and type on it. I could just leave both connected and swap them out I guess. I dunno. I bought the new one specifically to deal with one shortcoming of the old keyboard, and I’ve basically beaten GoW except for Sigrun. Fucking game should be about her. She could beat all the gods and monsters in the game simultaneously. Anyway I’ll give the new keyboard a few more weeks.

(Weirdly, the Sidewinder 4X is anti-ghosting, but doesn’t have the detachable tenkey, otherwise I probably would have gotten one of those.)

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: It’s done!

Seriously. It’s done! 210K words of weapon building, dinosaur fighting, harem satisfying, lumberjacking, moderate diplomacing, bad guy chopping action. Also some humor.

Check it out here!



The vote incentive it updated finally! Lorlara is attempting to break office harassment rules.

Patreon includes some increasingly aggressive fashion choices. I’m hoping to add the usual bonus comic page, but I’m behind on the regular comic now, so I’ll have to finish that up later.


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