So. Many. Arms. And. Stripes.

I’ve known how Sydney’s first encounter with Dabbler was going to go down for some time now, but up until quite recently, she actually succeeded in clobbering her. I try not to second guess myself but really the majority of this comic is just me transcribing my daydreams. At some point I thought I should probably try doing some actual writing, and I figured it might start getting a little predictable if Sydney comedically noggin smashes everyone she meets. Besides, she still gets one in at the end.

The original page ended with Dabbler on the floor covered in chair splinters, Arianna looks at Maxima and says “I noticed you didn’t use your super speed to prevent any of that.” Maxima replies with a satisfied grin, “I did not.”

As for the guy in the trenchcoat, we need to get through the immediate fallout of Dabbler’s reveal first. Oh, and in case you only check in on the comic on Mondays (and who can blame you) I put up a bonus tangent comic on Thursday last week.