Surprise! Random bonus comic! This takes place right as Dabbler enters the ballroom, about page 100 or 101. Just trying a little experiment with a more cartoony art style to see if it would let me knock out a few “Meanwhile” comics like this on occasion. I was shooting for a semi Legend of Bill look, but it wasn’t much faster to draw since I’m hybridizing another style with my own, to admittedly mixed results. The flat coloring helped a lot though, and I think cut and paste theater is fine for a little aside comic like this.

I was hoping to include Sydney’s reaction to the reveal on the prior page within that page, but I couldn’t do it justice in 3 or 4 panels squeezed in at the bottom, so I thought I’d try and break it out and do it as a bonus page for today, which I <i>might</i> have been able to do if I hadn’t done this page, but then I’d be super rushed to get the next page done for Monday.

This page started off as a bonus vote incentive for this month, but since you guys are awesome and keep the votes rolling through even though I generally don’t have time to do more than one a month, I figured why make you jump through the hoops to see it?