Terre is short for terremoto, which is Portuguese for Earthquake. Oh, and since I can’t keep her hair consistent, I guess the blue coloring is dynamically swirling about.

I guess the crowds watching the match dispersed quickly. Actually that makes sense if they’re at a military base. A commanding officer might sanction observing a super fight for educational reasons, but would also get everyone back to work the moment it was over.

If a wizard is never late, nor early, arriving precisely when they mean to, what happens if more than one wizard is attending the same event? You know who you’d think would never be late but is a shocking amount of the time? Time travelers. Marty McFly? Too late to keep Doc Brown from getting shot. Doctor Who? Constantly arriving after some major shit has gone down. Bill and Ted? Uh… actually I think they mostly arrived on time. Been a while since I’ve watched those.

April Vote Incentive is up! Looks like someone had better make sure their life insurance includes acts of Snu Snu.

Alternate versions over at Patreon include less cloth-y versions as usual, but also some of those color changing chokers.

Her shirt, since no one has figured out the kanji yet, says “I ahegao you. (As long as you ahegao me.)”


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