As I was drawing this page, it occurred to me it’s really weird that they didn’t introduce themselves before the fight. Anytime supers are going to have an exhibition match, there would definitely have to be a discussion about power levels and everyone’s ability to take a hit. Anvil can stop a runaway dumptruck no problem, but she couldn’t catch a dumptruck thrown off a building, well, at least until she’d stopped a few runaway dumptrucks first. She doesn’t handle blades or energy attacks very well either. That sort of stuff definitely needs to be hammered out before supers throw down.

Anyway, it seems reasonable that you’d probably shake hands and say hi at some point in that discussion. But then maybe blue and black hair there was like “You’re both strong and don’t have to worry about blunt force trauma. Have at it!”

The Huricanrana. It’s basically a Frankensteiner where your opponent cooperates by using you as nunchucks before you throw them. Some of the less obviously carefully choreographed moves in the Frankensteiner video look pretty cool, especially the ones where the thrower comes in at an angle and tosses the person sideways, but anyone attempting that shit in a street fight would definitely die. I’ve always thought professional wrestling was incredibly childish (except when I was a child, I suppose) especially all the scripted drama and macho boasting, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool looking moves, however impractical. Almost everything they do involves the opponent cooperating, meaning very little would translate into actual fighting prowess. Unless… one or more parties had moderate super strength and/or agility. Then a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

I think it would be cool to see a really well considered super fight. The action in Marvel movies is pretty good, but there are still things like Strong Guy 1 stepping on Strong Guy 2, trying to crush him into the ground, and that makes no sense. Sure, maybe they both weigh a bit more than the average human, but if we’ve seen SG2 throw a bus, how is the weight of SG1 even affecting him? Just because he’s strong, it doesn’t mean he can push down harder. The Hulk can push down exactly as much as he weighs, and no more. Okay, he can stomp down and add some velocity to it, but it’s going to make him jump into the air. I just think it’d be cool to see a fight were all that stuff is taken into account. Any maybe cap it off with some sort of atomic Huricanrana.

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Her shirt, since no one has figured out the kanji yet, says “I ahegao you. (As long as you ahegao me.)”

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