Deus: We’re the two most attractive people in any room.
Max: You wildly overestimate yourself.
Deus: I notice you didn’t disagree about your comeliness.
Max: I know what I look like.
Deus: Pamela Anderson crossed with Xena.
Max: … }sigh{ Right. Besides, it’s hardly a reason for us to date.
Deus: Between your physical might, military position, and fame, and my own economic, political and technological resources, we would redefine the term “power couple.”
Max: Again, hardly a reason to date.
Deus: It would make couples comprised of actors and/or musicians feel downright silly by comparison.
Max: Hmm. I suppose that would be amusing.
Deus: I challenge you.
Max: You aggravate me. Did you know your new buddy enslaved Dabbler’s sister?
Deus: That was a tad petty, but for demons, I think it’s roughly equivalent to pulling on a succubus’s pigtails. Regardless, Parfait is going to get quite an education, tagging along from world to world with Thoth. I would expect the move was designed to make Dabbler envious of her sister’s incipient adventuring career, but I don’t know what Thoth and Dabbler’s early years were like.
Max: I can’t help but picture them sharing an efficiency with furniture found on the sidewalk just before trash day.
Dues: Hah hah hah hah! I was just about to say the same thing! With a bunch of pizza boxes stacked up on the wobbly kitchen table, Thoth running a kickstarter to get his “sweep the chaos from your world” business going.
Max: And Dabbler trying to save enough to get her “Adventurer’s First Kit” with the fifty feet of rope and the ten foot pole.
Deus: I never understood that. How do you maneuver a ten foot pole through a dungeon?
Max: Maybe it was collapsible?
Deus: Maybe.
Max: I’m still not dating you.
Deus: I have a really nice caaaaar.
Max: Hah hah hah! That wouldn’t have worked on me even if I was still in high school!
Deus: “Makes Maxima laugh.” Check.
Max: Are you seriously putting this on the whiteboard?
Deus: We’re making Pro/Con lists.
Max: }sigh{ Oh my god. Add “You exhaust me.” to the Cons.

The May Vote Incentive is up! This month it’s Warsyl, from Tamer: Enhancer 2! I’d say “spoilers,” but the book has been available for 5 months now. Anyway, this pic doesn’t have a zillion outfit variations, partially because her armor took longer to draw than I thought it would, but mostly because she just has an armored form, and an unarmored form. The latter being available over at Patreon.



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