And just when some of you started coming around on Deus. Of course, some of you might like him more now as well.

BTW the conversation in the post beneath the previous comic was totally canon.

I started off this post with some thoughts on the death penalty in general, but there’s just no way to talk about that without it turning into a political shitstorm. I’ll just say that while I think some crimes completely deserve it, I’m personally against it because the legal system in the US is incredibly, incredibly flawed. People* are lazy, biased and racist, and our legal system does very little to mitigate that. The number of convictions being overturned due to DNA evidence that they didn’t have the tech to test for a few decades ago is really embarrassing, and should tell you that we haven’t figured this shit out yet. I mean, honestly, if I had to give aliens a tour of the US and they started asking questions about our legal system, I would be really embarrassed to describe the current state of it.

As far as the legal system in Galytn goes, citizens are in pretty good shape. The entire legal system is free, because as soon as it’s not free, IMO, it stops being about justice and becomes hugely dependent on who has more money. There’s no death penalty for Galytn citizens except for extreme circumstances, like war criminals, but at the moment, if you’re caught doing some big no-no’s and you’re not a citizen? For instance if you’re a mercenary hired by a foreign power to blow up hospitals or something, welllllll… Then you get to see Vale, and she’s been armed with long winded speeches about why you’ve been a naughty boy.

*”Some to most,” depending on how cynical** you are.
**And/or realistic.

I recommended “The Vixen War Bride” a few weeks back, and the fourqual is out. The, uh… 4th book. Repatriation. I follow the author on Amazon, but Amazon has yet to fire off an email informing me of the fact, even though it’s been out for several weeks now. But it’s been a long time since Amazon was thirsty, so it’s not really reasonable to expect them to care about being good at what they do. But I digress. Anyway, the book is good, go get it.

The May Vote Incentive is up! This month it’s Warsyl, from Tamer: Enhancer 2! I’d say “spoilers,” but the book has been available for 5 months now. Anyway, this pic doesn’t have a zillion outfit variations, partially because her armor took longer to draw than I thought it would, but mostly because she just has an armored form, and an unarmored form. The latter being available over at Patreon.



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