I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite pages I’ve done in a while. Even despite all the fiddly background stuff. Panel 5 cracks me up every time. Just the thought of that playing out in a TV show or something. Maxima’s eyes slowly tracking up from the trapdoor to Deus, her voice that perfect balance of exasperation and the exhaustion women experience around men doing stupid shit. “Seriously?” Ah, good times.

And I’m not taking any bets on whether he “accidentally” showed her the panels with the women in metallic paint. I mean, honestly, that could swing wildly in either direction for him.

And then there’s Deus’s pure joy at being able to finally show off some of his toys. Look, if I was a billionaire, I would 100% at the very least have a secret room behind a bookcase somewhere in my house or office. It wouldn’t even open up into a room full of weird shit, just like a little personal lounge with a mini fridge and a comfy chair for reading, with acoustically treated walls and a nice sound system. I would also probably have a room with a bunch of flip around panels, because WHY WOULDN’T I? I honestly question the sanity of anyone who has literally billions of “walking around town” dollars who doesn’t have some silly indulgent thing in their home or office. What is the point, otherwise?

Yes, Deus’s control pad is just a USB Novation Launchpad which is usually used for playing back sampled music, but I’m sure you can map those keys to anything.

Drawing this page made me think about trap doors in the floor. Like, now Deus has to walk down to the floor below him and carry those chairs back up. Yeah, he probably has some building maintenance people who can do that for him, but still, until they get around to it, he’s out of seating in his little office up there.

The June Vote Incentive is up! What’s that dripping down Sydney’s face? Uh… well, actually, clicking on the link won’t actually give it away necessarily, cause the thumbnail is from one of the, er, advanced pictures in the series, if you take my meaning. Yes, I mean there is a nude version of Sydney (and guest) over at the Patreon version.



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