Dabbler: “One big shield is too much work, but I can mass produce these little ones that last a tenth of a second.”
Foreman: “We need something watertight.”
Dabbler: “Oh. That sounds boring. I’m going to make these instead.”
Foreman: “But… the underwater city… the water is rising…”
Dabbler: “I wonder what I could use these for. Oh! They’d really ruin someone’s day in a car chase! Or just clog up a hallway. Or if someone was in a swimming pool and you tossed a few dozen in. Yuck, I’d hate to have to clean the filter afterward.”
Foreman: “Thousands will die.”
Dabbler: “Huh? Oh, uh… how about a bunch of rings of waterbreathing that last for a tenth of a second each.”
Foreman: “What possible use is that?”
Dabbler: “Oh, all right. I’ll help you fix your stupid dome.”

So Dabbler helped fix the dome. And then she made a weapon that converts a volume of space into an abattoir for a tenth of a second. It also happens to be great at stopping rockets, jets, light shuttlecraft, NASCAR races, turbines, extremely large spider webs, extremely large spiders, rooms full of zombies, rooms full of… not zombies, etc.

Extremely observant and persnickety readers who also have esoteric knowledge about Mil Mi-24s may feel the desire to point out that Hinds don’t have one of those flippy up safety things on their control stick, to which I counter with, “Yes, but that’s dumb because firing a missile is less dramatic without one, so I added it.”

And yeah, if I was in those helis, keeping just in front of that storm would have me pretty nervous. Unlike a regular storm, you don’t have to worry about it overtaking you on purpose, but, who’s to say the Super who can turn into a kilometer high sandstorm is great at keeping his perspective centered when he’s like that. If you could just become like 10 cubic kilometers large, it might be pretty easy to think of everyone else as ants.

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