Just a quick reminder that Varia has a pronounced Bostonian accent, which is really hard to account for if she’s not saying words that have an “ah” sound near the end, i.e., “Get to the cah pahk, idiot!” Or as the most famous person with a Boston accent would say, “Get ar um, to the aaaah, cah pahk, you ar um idiot!

Does Sydney know about the secret tunnel in the breakroom? They’re… getting around to telling her.

I know you’re all asking if a fire extinguisher would actually beat a flamethrower. Well, they did it on Mythbusters. Granted, it was a super horsepower extinguisher so they were kind of cheating. But here, Varia came in low and this maneuver probably cost her some hair, so I’ll allow it. Plus, I mean, who’s to say the extinguishers at Archon aren’t overcharged for this very reason?

The July Vote Incentive is up! This is an unusual incentive because it started life as a panel from the comic. A few people thought it was a good pose to turn into a nude version, and I agreed. It was originally intended to be a stopgap pinup while I finished the one I’d started on for this month, but I got caught up in shiny skin and various bits of anatomy and alternate outfits so I’ll just leave this one as the July incentive. The advantage being that I have a head start on next month’s so… maybe it won’t be late?

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