Like I said under the last comic, biggest reveal yet! I’m a little nervous about this one, but hopefully there won’t be too much gnashing of teeth and lamentations. Some people aren’t so keen on vegetarians and vegans, but really that’s because there are some of them who won’t shut up about it and endlessly try and convince you that having one more bite of your hamburger will give you soul cancer. Sydney is obviously not one to make a fuss about it. There’s been scant evidence in the comic to make anyone think she is a vegetarian, except I put little tofu cubes in her meal back at the King of Siam restaurant… although looking at that page now, you can just see one cube and it’s bright red from the sauce.

So anyway let me explain. When I started the comic I wanted to avoid a few common writing problems and two I knew of were 1) the man with boobs feminist for Maxima, and 2) obvious author insert. I knew Sydney was going to be very nerd literate and very A.D.D. like me and I wanted some characteristics that set her further apart from me. I’m not nearly as hyper as she is and obviously I’m not a gal, but I wanted some other differences, and I am very much not a vegetarian of any sort, so I figured, why not. While it may seem that it hasn’t affected her behavior in the comic so far at all, I actually got the idea that she started eating spicy food as a way to replace the loss of “savory” as she weaned herself off of meat. That’s right, despite having already named her Scoville, (which I did because I have that same naming alliteration sickness that Stan Lee has evidently) her affinity for spicy food came out of her being a vegetarian. Since I’m sure people will ask, the particulars of Sydney’s diet will be covered on the next page.

I made this page much harder on myself than it needed to be by including Gwen in it. I could have easily kept this scene between Sydney, Peggy and Goth Harem, but no, without Gwen I couldn’t use the phrase “The Hot Topic twins.” Oh and I know I said that all the pages up to 200 had a mini comic under them, but for this one apparently I was thinking of the intra-page mini comic (panel 6), but 199 and 200 definitely do.

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