Their plan wasn’t… bad… but I think a lot of it revolved around getting the rooms secured (and occupants knocked out) before any alarms went off. They just didn’t count on the guy who was still paying attention to his computer screen while his lady wiggled on his lap. Honestly, Krona might have grounds to be a little bit offended.

On the flip side, it sounds like Archon really needs to back off on the drills, or they need to use a fake alarm sound when they’re doing drills, because their response here is real bad. Now I could take some of the sting off by insisting that this page is happening at the same time as the business with Arianna downstairs, and that each page isn’t a purely linear sequential progression, but still it’s obvious that Arc-SWAT needs to review their invasion response protocols.

Oh and please ignore the fact that Hiro is wider than his own door. I mean, he’s pretty buff, but he can fit through most doors without having to go sideways.

The July Vote Incentive is up! This is an unusual incentive because it started life as a panel from the comic. A few people thought it was a good pose to turn into a nude version, and I agreed. It was originally intended to be a stopgap pinup while I finished the one I’d started on for this month, but I got caught up in shiny skin and various bits of anatomy and alternate outfits so I’ll just leave this one as the July incentive. The advantage being that I have a head start on next month’s so… maybe it won’t be late?

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