Here’s a quick link to page #96. I didn’t draw the phone actually going in but this is where it happened.

There have been a lot of discussions around about the failings of alien invasion movies, so I can’t take credit for Dabbler’s observation. Obviously the idea is new to Sydney though.

Sandy’s arrival puts the headcount in the room at 9, but also marks the end of the interview, so we’re almost ready to move on to a new setting finally.

I’ve updated the vote incentive with the inked version of Dabbler vs. Zintiel (of Flaky Pastry – I linked to the homepage but I recommend immediately hitting the beginning of the archive.)

Oh, and I’ve updated the cast page a bit. It’s probably not all 100% sorted out but at least I finally have Math, Achilles and Mr. Amorphous. And I just realized I misspelled Amorphous. Son of a!