This page exists mostly to establish the existence of porno sense, which amuses me tremendously. Also I’m pleased with “psionoclast” which doesn’t actually make any sense but it seems like one of those quasi-portmanteaus you’re likely to read in fiction. Weird that Dabbler didn’t know “indistinct” yet she can bust out nonsense like psionoclast. I guess she’s been focusing her English study on science and… comic books I guess.

So we don’t know exactly who “tingles” is yet, but this page tells you basically most everything but the name. BTW “tingles” (oy, that name is going to stick) is aware sound occlusion is an issue with stealth, but it’s one thing to avoid blocking an obvious audio source like a TV or even a humming vending machine, but Dabbler’s hearing is good enough that even creating a void in the ambient room noise from lighting fixtures or air conditioning is enough to make her suspicious.

I have a new vote incentive up, which is a work in progress. Read up on it here and vote in the usual place. When it’s done it will be wallpaper/fanart starring Dabbler and Zintel from Flaky Pastry, which is quite recently one of my favorite webcomics. Maybe throw them a vote as well if you enjoy it. I think it’d be kind of funny to try and knock Félix up into the top 10 for a week, see if he can figure out what’s going on. Hi Félix! :)