So what we know about Goon Squad, AKA Ted, so far. He seems to know what happened to his clones at least after they die, but they don’t seem to have any telepathic link between them. The “dress up in the enemy’s armor ploy” certainly wouldn’t have worked if they did. It was a risky plan without knowing that beforehand. Of course, since it’s not revealed who’s in the stolen armor there, we don’t know if they’ve even figured out if this guy is a bunch of dupes. Presumably if you can knock a Goon Squad out without killing or otherwise grievously injuring him, you can loot him without him dissolving into a bunch of… sixlets? (Sixlets are good if you’ve never had them. They’re like Whoppers, i.e. malted milk, but instead of being covered in waxy chocolate, they’re covered in a candy shell like M&M’s.)

But, at least the bad guys are dumb enough to contravene the #1 rule on the Evil Overlords No No list. (Warning, TV Tropes link/rabbit hole.)

Oh yeah, and about that PB & Mayo sandwich mentioned in the stinger. My dad did actually used to eat those. Not a lot, as far as I’m aware, but for sure it happened at least once which was enough to really gross me out. The whole sign-countersign thing is a good idea, and people always seem to forget about it in movies and shows when they know full well they’re up against a shapeshifter, but I’d think you’d have to update your passwords on a pretty regular basis, and you’d also have to be careful not to pick something easy to guess. Even the famous “Lightning – Flash” one is in the realm of guessable. Sure, most people would start with “Thunder” but that’s too obvious, so instead maybe they’d go with “Crash” or “Boom” or “Very very frightening” or something. If I was making up the countersigns, it’d be “Lightning – Hasenpfeffer” or “Marianas” or “Existentialism.”

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I’m a big fan of John Byrne’s run on “The Sensational She Hulk” which should be no surprise to anyone familiar with it. It was mostly a humor book, combining slice of life, law practice revolving around super powers (albeit fairly tongue in cheek) and frequently featured resurrecting really goofy old silver age villains and inserting them into a relatively self-aware setting. She Hulk was breaking the 4th wall long before Deadpool existed, by the way.
Anyway, the first trailer for the She Hulk TV show was a little “eh,” featuring some iffy CG (How spoiled are we that having a TV show with a full digital replacement major character isn’t totally perfect and everyone’s like “I’ve seen better.”) BUT, the second trailer made me think that the show is very Sensational She Hulk inspired, down to the 4th wall stuff. I suspect there won’t be quite as much in the way of goofy silver age villains – I don’t expect Doctor Bong to make an appearance, but I have high hopes that the show will be entertaining.
Therefore, I was inspired to draw some buff (pun intended) She Hulk, and threw in Red She Hulk for fun. I know nothing about her other than what I found while looking up reference. She’s Betty Ross, daughter of General Ross, the “Hulk bad” antagonist, who himself eventually became the Red Hulk, so naturally Betty became Red She Hulk, and according to some google image search results, eventually became a red harpy for some reason? I dunno. Anyway, enjoy them posing in various outfits and lack thereof.

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