Hopefully people get what’s happening here. I could have drawn a dotted outline of X standing opposite Chimyriad, but it turns out that not drawing people is a lot easier than drawing them.

Chimyriad is a cameo character, and technically this is their second appearance. (The prior one being the previous page) Only, they’re a shapeshifter, so who knows, maybe they’ve been in dozens of pages?

Someone suggested that I occasionally randomly add X to the Who’s Who. That struck me as really funny, but I probably won’t.

ArcLIGHT and ArcDARK usually recruit all the supers with spy powers, at least, assuming they have the temperament for it. Shapeshifting could be useful when it comes to thwarting super powered bank robbers of course, but it’s far better to not let the enemy know you even have the capability. Members of ArcLIGHT are really more analysts, whereas ArcDARK doesn’t even exist on the books, and they probably do a lot more than invisibly hang around Archon HQ.

Dumb people are a considerable drag factor in a lot of professions. My wife’s been working from home since the pandemic – it turns out a lot of jobs don’t require dedicated office space, whoda thunk? – but the number of times a day I see her throw up a hand in that “what the fuck how is anyone this dumb” way almost makes me chuckle (but also makes me grateful that my job no longer involves a lot of (or any, really) coworkers).

If you’re a con man or a legit sales person, it doesn’t matter, dumb people are probably your bread and butter. Unless you’re selling something like, I don’t know, oil derricks, or something that requires a great deal of expertise and manpower. Then you probably (hopefully) don’t deal with a lot of dumb people. But I dunno, maybe the people buying stuff like that are dummies and that’s why they have a massive team of engineers to deploy anything.

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I’m a big fan of John Byrne’s run on “The Sensational She Hulk” which should be no surprise to anyone familiar with it. It was mostly a humor book, combining slice of life, law practice revolving around super powers (albeit fairly tongue in cheek) and frequently featured resurrecting really goofy old silver age villains and inserting them into a relatively self-aware setting. She Hulk was breaking the 4th wall long before Deadpool existed, by the way.
Anyway, the first trailer for the She Hulk TV show was a little “eh,” featuring some iffy CG (How spoiled are we that having a TV show with a full digital replacement major character that isn’t totally perfect and everyone’s like “I’ve seen better.”) BUT, the second trailer made me think that the show is very Sensational She Hulk inspired, down to the 4th wall stuff. I suspect there won’t be quite as much in the way of goofy silver age villains – I don’t expect Doctor Bong to make an appearance, but I have high hopes that the show will be entertaining.
Therefore, I was inspired to draw some buff (pun intended) She Hulk, and threw in Red She Hulk for fun. I know nothing about her other than what I found while looking up reference. She’s Betty Ross, daughter of General Ross, the “Hulk bad” antagonist, who himself eventually became the Red Hulk, so naturally Betty became Red She Hulk, and according to some google image search results, eventually became a red harpy for some reason? I dunno. Anyway, enjoy them posing in various outfits and lack thereof.

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