Back to the regular coloring for now. I’m probably going to experiment with it over the next few pages. I think the flat cell colors were nice, but would have benefitted from at least one highlights pass. I’ll find the right balance. Honestly I’d like a little more time to work on novels and other things, and I basically haven’t written anything since I released Tamer: Enhancer 2. I’ve dabbled with the opening scene for TE3 and I like how it’s started to come together, but by dabbled, I mean less than 1000 words so far.

So this was their ultimate goal. The List. As stated way early in the comic, the government doesn’t require supers to join the military or anything, but it does keep a list of them. Ostensibly, this is in case they need someone who can put out forest fires with their mind, or grant waterbreathing to everyone in a 333 yard range, or can fix all the cracks in the Hoover Dam by running his hands over them. There are probably a few people in the government who like having that list “just in case,” but this isn’t an X-Men comic. Yes, realistically there would be a lot of fear and suspicion around the existence of supers, but that’s just because people suck in general, and I’ll hint at that stuff on occasion, but the comic is mostly told from Sydney’s point of view (obviously not always, as this page demonstrates) but she’s mostly shielded from that sort of stuff due to efforts from Arianna and others. Also racism is a pretty boring reason to be a shitty person, and I like my villains to be a little bit deeper than that. I don’t feel like I can ignore it entirely as a motivation, because then it feels like I’m just denying an essential aspect of humanity? I don’t know. We’ll see.

Anyway. Yeah, so this list isn’t made public. Of course there are plenty of private citizens who have super powers who aren’t shy about letting the world know about it on social media, but there are a lot who want to keep it to themselves for various reasons. Some just want to live life as a normal person, and some realize they have some sort of power that could be exploited by bad people.

This list exists in more than just Archon HQ, but only in places like a basement somewhere in the Pentagon, Quantico, Langley, etc. But the actual FBI headquarters probably doesn’t have air vents you can drive a golf cart through, so a blitzkrieg on Archon HQ when the big guns are out was determined to have the best chance of success.

I’m not sure what ecokinesis is. Like, general environmental powers? Or maybe a superpower relating to the economy? Either way it sound OP.

Rammstein was awesome. We were in the third row, but that was off to the side, not in the “splash zone” pit right in front of the stage. I’d guess we were… 150 feet from the stage? I wore earplugs the whole time because my family has a history of hearing loss, and I want to be able to hear things when I’m 90. Honestly I forgot they were in most of the time. It was still sternum rattlingly loud. I kept thinking, “This man needs CPR, quick, get him to a Rammstein concert!” Watching people in the audience and guessing what they were on was at least as fun as the show. There was a woman in the front row who hung on to the railing and headbanged the whole time. I was like, “Hey, good for her for not getting a migraine from that.” I’m no expert on drugs, but at a minimum, I’d guess some amphetamines were involved. Four seats over was a guy with his head tilted back and his arms up in the air slowly dancing in a circle most of the concert. For him, I’d guess weed, a little ecstasy, and half a Xanax. Or, hell, I don’t know. Peyote and redbull? I am not a drug knower person.

Most everyone there was wearing black, because German Metal, but down in the stage pit, there was one woman with a very Barbie/Bimbo body – probably fake boobs, tiny waist, mid-back blonde hair, and she was wearing a latex pink mini dress and thigh high latex stiletto heels, and she spent a lot of time dancing around very sexily while her short-haired friend filmed her. I couldn’t help but think, “She definitely has an OnlyFans page, and her attractive if slightly more butch friend does all the technical stuff for her.” I pointed her out to my wife and she had the exact same thoughts, so I’m fairly confident my scenario is accurate.

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Thank you guys so much for your patience. I hope it was worth it. It took a lot of research online to find just the right references for this piece. Toil toil. :D

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