Jiggawatt can still shoot, but will she be able to stand up with both ears busted? How will this affect her interest in the next gen iPod? Stay tuned to the same Arc-time, same Arc-channel!

So yeah, Hiro and Stalwart both seem like Superman light, but they have other powers that haven’t shown up yet. Hiro obviously can absorb and store sonic attacks and release that energy as… Guile style sonic booms? Kinetic whammys. That seems very specific and limited I know, but that’s not quite the full spectrum of his abilities either. More to come on that. Anyway, now you know why I wanted Breakpoint to tousle with the team. She got a bit of a short shrift during this melee. She actually has some other powers that make her pretty dangerous, but she didn’t get a chance this fight. Maybe her heart wasn’t in it. At least she got hit in the head with the big guys knee and not his crotch.

Some people pointed out that it would have made more sense for Maxima to clobber Breakpoint instead of taking a few precious seconds to delegate it. I’m sure Jiggawatt would have appreciated a snappier intervention, but that’s just the call she made. Besides, Hiro was having trouble with Boilerplate, (the bad guys really do get the short end of the naming stick, don’t they?) which is alarming since Hiro is one of the toughest members of the team. Finishing him off herself and shifting Hiro to Breakpoint more sense to her. Or course the question has also been asked as to why Maxima hasn’t wasted most of the bad guys with her super speed already, and there are a number of reasons. She knows she’s not always going to be there. Since Arc-SWAT is so small, normally they’ll be split into squads to handle multiple incidents, usually with relatively evenly distributed power sets and sharing a Harem. Max doesn’t want the team to get used to always having her with them. Also there is a small matter of ego. She knows her people are good, and if she does their job for them, there will be a price to pay morale wise. Besides, the fight has been going extremely well so far. It’s only now that most of the chaff has been taken care of that she actually need to start intervening directly. In her opinion, up to the point that her people can’t handle things themselves, it’s better that she stay on overwatch.

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