This is the last page we’ll see the ball room in for a while. It went on longer than I thought it would but I guess as long as it’s entertaining the background art isn’t really the important part of the page. It will be nice to finally break up this scene and not have to worry about where 10 people are positioned, though I guess Harem bugged off and X re-cloaked when Sandy came in, even though I didn’t actually show either of those events happen. I didn’t want to burn the page real estate on showing that stuff and both of them can come and go with little fanfare.

Of course now Sydney gets to meet a lot of other team members soon, so I’m putting myself in the position of drawing all new characters with all new backgrounds so that won’t be stressful at all.

I’ve decided that it’s more hassle than it’s worth to try and be creative with the rank insignias so I’m going to back and slowly fix all the ones in the art as I have time. Apparently there’s a tad more leeway with non-commission chevrons though. I may play around with those.