This page was prompted by the idea that superheroes would probably be very excitable by the fact that they actually had powers. I mean if you could lift a car with your mind or could shoot green lightning from your eyes, it seems like it’s likely you’d find a way to work it into a conversation – assuming you didn’t live in some world where such talk would get you hunted or whatever. Peggy, being a highly skilled human thrust into a group of supers has obviously formed some opinions here.

If you think about it, this actually does happen all the time in super hero comics. How often does Wolverine remind people that he’s got unbreakable bones, or Rogue caution people not to touch her skin? Of course, that’s entirely an editorial decision for the benefit of new readers. I know the very first issue of X-men I ever read, Wolvie was trapsing around thinking to himself “good thing I have unbreakable bones and a healing factor” and I was up to speed. Long time readers are supposed to politely ignore these bits of dialog, but I think it’s funny to imagine that Rogue actually reminds everyone on her team not to touch her skin at least once a week. I’d love to see the issue where Wolverine finally snaps at her. “Bitch I’ve known you for 17 years! Do you think I have a concussion or something!? Stop telling me!” To be fair to Rogue though, every superhero gets concussed about 4 times an issue. They’d all have that boxer palsy by the time issue 60 rolled around.