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I think some of you were looking forward to Sydney’s meandering speech, and maybe it’s a missed opportunity, but she got nervous standing up there staring out into a mostly black audience and suddenly felt like an evil oil company that had come in and fucked up a bunch of African real estate, so it went something like, “Um, well… Maxima had already fought that guy to a standstill once so he was seriously dangerous and I just enacted the first solution I came up with that wouldn’t directly incur additional loss of life and I just realized the national language here is Portuguese but everyone’s been speaking in English and now I’m wondering if that’s some new initiative and oh look! Is that catering! I declare food! Time to eat!” // leaps off stage.

Succubi don’t really use the word “romantic” a lot. They understand love, which is important as they know most species conflate sex and love, and of course they understand seduction. They just don’t ascribe “romance” to when a succubus and her master are slamming one out behind the nearest collapsed building. But Parfait’s evidently watched a fair bit of anime, and while the emotional complexity of most anime kind of tops out at about a 9th grade level, the themes are there. (While I used to be a huge fan of anime and still theoretically enjoy quite a bit of it, I’ve come to the conclusion that 90% of anime contains only two emotions – whispering and screaming –  so I don’t seek out any anime that contains any kind of drama. Comedy is fine, as is action as long as it doesn’t try and take itself too seriously.)

Parfait is also young and naive and pumped full of a steady diet of Earth pop-culture and fresh out of succubus finishing school. Older succubi might scoff at the term “romantic” and see it only as something to be used as a tool in the arsenal, but they’re not all that cynical.

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The new one should be up… maybe today? Tomorrow at the latest. Nude version is done, I just need to get at least one clothed version done. I’m sorry for the repeated delay and I couldn’t tell you why it took me so long. Well, there’s a bonus comic like I do sometime and that was basically a full comic page even though it’s only flat colors, and the drapes took a lot longer than I thought they would but still. To mollify you temporarily, here’s a double-sized version of that final panel from the previous page.


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