Yup, cleavage of holding. You guys guessed it on the previous page. I mean, really the only possibilities were that or she just had something stuck down her bra like women sometimes do. Not that the succubus wearing a strapless dress made of smoke is probably not wearing a bra. Succubi can adjust their buoyancy and jiggle physics like they’re starring in a DoA Beach Volleyball game with just a thought, so it’s not like they really need bras.

As I’m posting this page, I realize it would have been funny if Parfait pulled a bunch of sand out of her, er, storage area. After all, in a dress like that, the top is always open. That would kind of suck, a bag of holding that you can’t close. Jump in a lake to escape a rabid owlbear, and now you’ve got 10 cubic meters of water in there getting your trail rations and sleeping bag all soggy. Or you suddenly find yourself throwing an angry wolverine into some city guards face because you went to pull some coins from the bag only the last time you camped, the fucker crawled in there cause they sniffed out that smoked goat meat you’d been saving, and chaos ensues. Even worse, you’re trying to pay the alchemist for some potions, and the wolverine crashes through the counter and into the gigantism potion display, and giant chaos ensues.

Sydney is slowly developing resistance to succubus hijinks due to a steady application of exposure therapy. It’s possible she was predisposed to susceptibility to those effects due to general body type envy. A few more trips to boobie la la land and she’ll be up to par! Up to par for a heterosexual woman, that is. A het dude is has like a -10 to that saving throw. Het women don’t start with nearly that much of a penalty.

The October Vote Incentive is actually up!

Why did it take so long? I couldn’t tell you. Well, I hand drew the lace on Lorlara’s body stocking, so that took about an hour by itself. Anyway, it’s likely the next one will be single character, and hopefully it won’t be so late. Usually with fewer characters I can do more outfit variants but we’ll see.

So I have enough “Blue Babes” to do a theme. Eventually I’ll be able to fill in the whole rainbow of my own characters. I did a rainbow lineup previously for those who hadn’t seen it. I’d love to revisit that one of these days.

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