A lot of you more or less guessed the same thing as Dabbler here. Using your weird artifacts with no detectable power source to output massive amounts of energy? Maybe you’re draining the batteries or wearing down the capacitors. Or heck, maybe they’re overheating? Only the heat is being dumped in some dimensional pocket or whatever. Or maybe it’s not heat, but human souls!

Actually, that would suggest that the byproduct of using the orbs is human souls, which would cause a lot of theistic hand wringing if that information ever came out. Actually most religions would just stick their fingers in their ears and go “N’ya n’ya n’ya! I am immune to new information!”

Wow that tangent has nothing to do with this page. So the reason they’re hanging out at “nondescript coastline” is as supers, they’re not allowed to just pop into other countries uninvited or unannounced. This is due to concerns about cross border super warfare, and the agreements hammered out during America’s extended wars in bits of the middle east. Not that Galytn pays those treaties any heed, and those same treaties probably have some stuff to say about the use of supers in off the books shenanigans, but every country with more than a few dozen supers has shapeshifters and telepaths all up in everyone else’s business, and everyone is equally on guard about it.

Eventually, once the world has had more time to get used to the idea of supers, travel restrictions will probably relax, and there will at some point likely be a more nuanced categorization that just “Super.” Everything from “Can blow up a city or otherwise massively compromise infrastructure” to “Smells good.” Not “Enhanced olfactory sense,” literally, they just smell nice. But like, super nice. Those people shouldn’t have any trouble getting on a plane.

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Why did it take so long? I couldn’t tell you. Well, I hand drew the lace on Lorlara’s body stocking, so that took about an hour by itself. Anyway, it’s likely the next one will be single character, and hopefully it won’t be so late. Usually with fewer characters I can do more outfit variants but we’ll see.

So I have enough “Blue Babes” to do a theme. Eventually I’ll be able to fill in the whole rainbow of my own characters. I did a rainbow lineup previously for those who hadn’t seen it. I’d love to revisit that one of these days.

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