Is it rude to tell a succubus that teal might not be her color?

I thought it’d be funny to see Dabbler casually cosplaying as the 11th Countess of Abbingdon, but honestly the teal top doesn’t quite play well with her stripes.

I think a lot of epic, sprawling TV shows these days have the problem of too many main characters. That is to say, something like Game of Thrones around season 4 and on had so many stories happening at the same time that your favorite character might get five minutes of screen time per episode, and maybe an hour over the course of an entire season?

Having a large cast is handy for me because I can mix and match for whatever suits the story I want to tell, but it leaves a lot of characters in the wings. If I could draw 5 pages a week, then maybe the ex-vigilanties here would have more to do, but until then, they get to play the reserves.

I may have messed up the math (it’s all but a certainty) but it’s ~9,250 miles from Texas to Galytn, (which is on the southern tip of Malawi). Mach 6 (~4603 MPH) would get them there in just about two hours. Considering I said that Sydney’s new top speed is Mach 16, that means she could get anywhere on Earth in about 45 minutes at most. Yeah, the speed of sound is different at different atmospheric pressure, and you have to account for ascending and descending, because she’s not going to skim the surface of the ocean and cause a near tsunami wake behind her, but roughly, 45 minutes. That is pretty fast. The next time someone shoots a sidewinder at her, they’re going to be in for a surprise.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Almost done! Seriously.

January’s vote incentive is titled “The Origin of The Might Halo.” Hopefully the reason is evident.

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