Writing is an interesting process that I’m still pretty new to. (As evidenced by the fact that I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Which people think is bad, but in fact there is no rule against.) I always had a few notions of how Peggy would behave, and there’s a few critical scenes she’ll be in and I know how she’ll act in those, but there was still a lot of character that needed to be filled in. I have done enough writing to know that you generally don’t have to worry about that stuff though. As long as you keep to the spirit of the character and are mindful of those pivotal scenes, characters will write themselves. I like the direction Peggy has taken already. Despite getting along quite well with many of the supers, she is one of those obscenely skilled humans that is probably a little annoyed at the ones think they’re all that when they haven’t put in nearly the same effort into developing themselves as she has. Apparently she deals with it by calmly taking the wind out of their sails as we see here.

Arc-Aegis by the way, is in charge of security and defense. Once a super containment facility is in place, they’ll be in charge of that as well.

Speaking of Peggy, anyone have any recommendations for what pistols she might use? I’ve drawn her carrying two. I googled “accurate pistol” or something and it looks like semi-auto pistols are generally more accurate than revolvers. In fact I didn’t see any revolvers used for competition shooting, but I didn’t spend a ton of time on it. The one in her shoulder holster is a semi-auto, maybe a .45 ACP or something? The problem is if you google stuff like that and stumble blind into a forum, everyone has their opinions and it’s hard to get a feel for what an actual really good, accurate pistol is. I’m sure there are crazy accurate single shot pistols out there but Peggy would carry something that’s actually practical in a firefight. Her hip holster (which you can just barely see poking out from behind the word bubble in panel 5) I figure should have less emphasis on accuracy and more on stopping power. Nothing like Max’s T-Rex, but maybe a 3-5 round revolver loaded with something that would go through someone who’s face is as tough as an engine block.