Remember, Harem can’t teleport other people, but Varia can teleport when she’s holding on to Harem. Varia usually just tags along, but she can actually teleport somewhere without Harem. She’s just stranded once she arrives.

In case you’re wondering, Harem isn’t wearing the same body armor loadout as everyone else because the amount of mass she can take with her is limited. She could wear a Level II vest and carry a handgun, some reloads and a ‘light’ utility belt, along with her usual clothing when she has all 5 of herselves out and about. If she drops it to 3 of herselves, she could wear the full kit and carry a decent sized assault rifle with her, but she’s much more useful spreading herself around.

The last two panels kind of make me want to do a page or two from Harem’s perspective on any given day. The problem would be that it’d take 5 panels to show what each of her is doing, and there’s only so much room on a page, so it’d take like 5 pages just to resolve a single (set of 5) conversation(s). Not that all 5 of her are always chatting with people simultaneously, but I think it would make for a string of pages that individually probably wouldn’t have a lot of payoff, but if done right, a complete arc of “Five minutes in the Life of Daphne DeShantis” would be pretty satisfying.

Actually, the best format for that might be video with the screen divided 5 ways, but it would be super difficult to show her having multiple conversations that way. If you wanted to be a purist about it, you could say well yeah, us monobrain/monominds can’t keep up with a quintbrain/monomind like her, so we’d have to rewatch the video several times to pick up all the stuff she would.

Obligatory “Now we’re cooking with evil gas.” reference. It’s just one of those expressions that stuck in my head ever since the first time it attacked my earballs, and now I foist in on you.

The November Vote Incentive is still up! The new one will be up with the Monday comic. Nude version is done along with a few outfit variants. Going to add a few more and do the usual bonus comic.

I went a little simpler with the art this time, which is to say I didn’t add like 9 passes of lighting and detail work. I wasn’t trying to chintz out on the time input or anything, I’d been browsing around ArtStation since I like torturing myself with all the amazing art there, and found a few people who do nice clean styles that are more Arcane (the League of Legends Netflix show) than Love, Death and Robots, and by LD&R I mean the ones that are like “Look at how realistic our skin textures are!” and not the ones that are more Pixar-y or just like 2D cell art or whatever.

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