The covered faces is really a massive security flaw. It’s literally the #1 mention on the Evil Overlord’s List. I understand the want for faceless minions, though. An army of faceless goons is more scary than a bunch of dude’s faces, but you need to design your skull helmets with retractable faceplates, or better yet, ones that can swivel around and rest of the back of the helmet, so your guards are still at least a little bit disconcerting when they’re eating their egg salad sandwich in the commissary.

In the Ascenders, however, while the guards do have faceless helmets, knocking one out and stealing his uniform without accidentally rendering him to a pile of butter mints is trickier than it sounds. It’s the management that’s walking around in the face masks, wanting to protect their identities. It’d be like if every Sith had a full face helmet like Vader. Yeah, I know, there were only ever supposed to be two Sith at a time – I’m talking about Old Republic Sith when there were presumably Sithcons where a bunch of them gathered and the chances of the hotel and restaurant staff escaping without getting force choked was probably vanishingly small. Like, if someone in hospitality actually managed to make it through a Sithcon without getting force choked, it’d be the number 1 thing they’d list on their resume, under “Fearful obsequiousness.”

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