Happy The Day After Christmas! For some of us, that’s when we strike the tree and decorations and for some of us, that time is mid-March. As I recall we usually left that stuff up till… New Year’s Eve Eve? Honestly I didn’t pay much attention once I got my presents.

So, the… uh, face powder… primer? Foundation? I don’t know what it’s called, but it mostly got blown off when Jiggawatt turned into a lightning bolt, but her lipstick didn’t. I guess when she turns into a google electrons she has to concentrate a bit when she puts herself back together. She’s used to wearing some eyeshadow and lipstick, probably a little eyeliner, but not wearing makeup pancaked all over her face. Mostly it’s all automatic. If she’s carrying a gun with her, she doesn’t have to think about reconstructing the various springs or all the gunpowder, or uh, nitrocellulose granules I guess. Muskets aren’t standard issue at Arc-SWAT. I dunno, maybe Harem’s makeup is ferrous for some reason and being lightninged caused it to migrate.

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Please enjoy Cora in a workout outfit. Variant outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon, as well as a comic to put it all in context. Spoiler, Cora’s ship is like a Roman orgy most of the time.



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