I was hoping to get some more work done on the vote picture this weekend but dang, this page was a lot of work. Worth it though – I love the panel with all the Harems, and I guess the beefcake lineup, which is more or less the point of the page. It occurred to me that there are a lot of webcomics out there that spend less time on their entire comic that I did on just the mini comic at the bottom of this page. I don’t know why I’m such a glutton for punishment, but I suppose I could produce a 5x a week comic if it was a flat colored strip like that. I thought about making it the vote incentive just to freshen it up, but eh, why make you jump through the hoops?

Thanks for all the input on Peggy’s sidearm on the previous comic. There were lots of suggestions, but if you still want to contribute, please add it to the previous page’s comments, I’ll still see it.

There was a ton of rambling Tarantino-esque dialog I wanted to include on this page that began to introduce these guys, but I had to cut it all to make everything fit. I’ll save it for later I guess, it was more important this page began with “So are there any guys?” and ending on Sydney drooling over the railing.

About the chokers for the guys. I mean… cool tactical throat mics. I’m not a fan chokers on guys in the first place, but if a dude has a skinny neck like Math then I can overlook it I guess, but on Hiro and the other guy with the huge neck it looked really dumb, partially because their traps meet their neck almost higher up than the bottom of their jaws, so it would have had to be really skinny and/or wavy. I’ll have to figure something else out for them, maybe one that only wraps part of the way around from the back or something.

So yeah there are guys on the team – I was holding off on introducing most of them till this page so readers got the same  first look as Sydney. We’ll be seeing them intermingling from here on out, but don’t worry, the girls are still the main characters. Speaking of which I need to formally introduce Jiggawatt so I can finally include her in the Who’s Who.