Usually when displaying your captured superheroines, you’re supposed to have them face-out. Maybe a plaque of some sort. And depending on the kind of comic it is, their spandex outfit will be placed on a mannequin next to the display, and the superheroine will be instead clad in a maid outfit or possibly lingerie… at most. Hey, I don’t make the rules.

This assumes the superheroine in question isn’t being forced to run on a big hamster wheel that powers a thing that keeps the drain open on the big acrylic aquarium next to her which is constantly filling with water, in which one of her teammates is chained to the floor of the aquarium by her ankles, and she’s forced to hold two live wires out of the water, and if the circuit is completed then the timer on the bomb strapped to teammate 3’s chest counts down, but teammate two has heavy iron manacles on her wrists, and her arms are about to give out, because teammate 3 is chained to an exercise bike, and if she stops pedaling, the auto-whip starts up on the hamster wheel, but while she’s pedaling, it powers a powerful magnet on the bottom of the aquarium, making the iron manacles far heavier, and they can all see each other and have been told how their efforts are saving their teammates, but not how it also makes it harder for the others, and of course they’re all gagged.

Then there’s the kind that involves lots of rope, overstuffed mouth gags, and foot tickling.

I suspect Purple Visor won’t be given a chance to implement his preferred version before things go sideways. Also this comic is unfortunately not any of those other kinds of comics, darn it.

The December Vote Incentive is still up! The new on is being worked on.

Please enjoy Cora in a workout outfit. Variant outfits and lack thereof over at Patreon, as well as a comic to put it all in context. Spoiler, Cora’s ship is like a Roman orgy most of the time.



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