This page starts about 4 seconds before the end of the prior one. Maxima isn’t taking multiple potshots at Super Hole, not after lecturing Sydney on being certain of whatever is behind your target in case they dodge. Because stuff like this happens. Maxima gave the team permission to go weapons free on this assault, but there’s a difference between killing someone in self-defense and blowing up a room full of potential enemies. If half the guys in capes are non-Super millionaire sponsors, they’re obviously not going to throw down on the super cops. Being rich means you can afford lawyers. Of course, what would a bunch of rich guys be doing hanging around an underground silo in the middle of the day? Although, one presumes with a hidden base of this sort and the majority of the staff being ethically shady at best, there’s probably a wing of this base nicknamed “Epstein Island” or something. Still, it’s a lot less than half of the maskcapes that are idle rich sponsors.

So, I recently got caught up on One Punch Man, at least the official, American releases. I’ve seen the Jupiter Sneeze, but I haven’t gone looking for scanlations. I was like 7 or 8 volumes behind. Honestly I’m a little disappointed that they’re STILL doing the Monster Association stuff. Although with a book like OPM, it kind of doesn’t matter what they’re fighting, as long as there’s some cool action and Saitama wanders through every other book to punch something into oblivion on a two page spread.

But I bring it up because it made me want to step up my action a little bit. The thing is, I know no one is really reading my comic for the world class action. That kind of comic doesn’t really work with my twice a week offering. I mean, one issue of OPM had like 4 pages that were nothing but people staring in shock as they wondered what that (OPM generated) shockwave was. I think the reaction shots are important to drive home the magnitude of events like that. It works in a format like Shonen Jump, which puts out something like 18-20 pages per week (because those bastards have dedicated inkers, toners, background guys, speed line guys, etc.), but it would be pretty boring in a twice a week format. Still, I don’t want to do terrible action, so… enjoy this low content page that is mostly explosion. I tell you though, all that speedline stuff, there’s a definite skill set to it. It’s not just laying down a bunch of lines, they have to flow just right and convey direction and action, and while I feel like I have a decent grasp of how to use them, again, I don’t have like a dedicated guy to do them, and I don’t quite have a grasp on how to get the most out of the tools I have at the moment. I’ll get better with them, but it’ll be a slow process because like I said, this isn’t really a premier action comic. I probably have fewer action pages in the entire run of the comic than a single volume of OPM.

To help fill up the rest of your time this week, (given the massive time investment difference between reading a 4 panel page and my usual 9-11 panel pages – you’re welcome) you can always check out the latest in one of my favorite novel series, The Vixen War Bride. Book 5 came out a few weeks ago. It’s titled Cupcake Girls. I know that sounds cutsie, but uh… Well, no spoilers. I really enjoy the xenoanthropology, and if you haven’t checked out the series, I obviously recommend it.

I’ve asked for xenoanthropology recommendations in the past, and I’ve tried a few things you guys tossed out. The Pride of Chanur was one. It was okay… I think I’d read a few too many HFY stories, or isekai hero who single handedly causes a paradigm shift of some sort to really enjoy Chanur though. I kept expecting the human to do something exceptional and that’s just not the sort of story it is. It was like waiting for the neverdrop.

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