Why would you not wear waterproof eyeliner? Honestly, I’m asking. Unless you’re about to film the kind of film that involves a lot of gagging, if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s easier to apply or something? But then it gets fucked up if you yawn too hard or have allergies – or wash your hands and then touch your face, I assume. I’ve obviously never worn the stuff.

Varia is an insufferable, well, variable. If you’re going to attack Arc-SWAT, she’s not insurmountable to plan for if you observe her gestalt interactions with the rest of the team. What you can’t plan for is what happens when she gets her hands on any of your henchmen. Got a thousand henchmen? She’s got a thousand powers. Granted, most of those powers will be stuff like “The proportional olfactory senses of a sparrow,” or the ability to change the color orange into the color black. Limited applications for that. But if she gets the power to change any color into any other color, well, you’re in for a headache at a minimum, and good luck hunting for her when she turns every single surface inside your base into the same digital camouflage pattern. Hair, skin, uniforms and the surfaces of every computer monitor screen included.

Yeah, you could put her into some sort of tear-proof… I dunno, like one of those titanium chainmail anti shark suits and weld the gloves on and include some sort of hood and make her drink through one of those tiny coffee stirring straws. That way she couldn’t touch anyone. Oh, or one of those onesie footie pajamas with an integrated beekeeper hat, only it’s all made out of kevlar or something.

The February Vote Incentive is up! Yes, I know it’s late and I still owe you guys one for March. I already have the pencils mostly done, so hopefully you guys won’t be waiting for it all month?

Kat, you remember, the newly minted were-hare? Well, someone forgot to give her a copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Were-Margaret.” She has questions is what I’m saying.

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