I for one would play a superhero themed battle royale game. Let people chose three powers at the beginning, or let them select from a selection of pre-made heroes like a DOTA style game, and they fight through a big map and pick up tokens that will upgrade their powers. Admittedly, there was a BR game with magic called Spellbreak, but like a lot of trend chasing games that come late to a crowded market already full of juggernauts, its lifespan was less than a year. Still, as I recall, you could superjump or straight up fly if you had wind powers (I think, honestly I played it once for about 45 minutes), and shoot lightning and fireballs. Pretty similar to the kind of stuff you’d find in a superhero themed BR game, but hopefully a superhero game like that would have a more expansive power set, and some destructible environments wouldn’t be out of order either.  If you could really program it so that people could hit each other with trees or cars or create rings of fire or create portals or telekinetically whip helicopter blades at each other, the meta-game that would evolve would be pretty out of control, especially if the game was played with a squad of three and powers worked in concert with each other. Honestly, it’d probably be too difficult to manage. Give a guy a portal power useable on others, and he’d start the map at the very edge, then once the curtain of doom or whatever it’s called started closing in, he’d zap people out into the death zone. Sure, you could make portals get disrupted by the death zone, but that’d be missing out on half the fun of powers like that.

So yeah, Just Cause meets Red Faction meets Apex Legends meets Portal, Infamous, Prototype, fire and ice powers, etc. Someone get on that.

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