Sort of an anticlimactic end to this fight, admittedly. There is part of me that wants to do a OPM style rubble bonanza speed line fest, but this whole sequence feels like it’s getting a little long in the tooth anyway. I’ll save up for the next time I do a big beat down.

If you don’t quite understand what’s going on here, it’ll be spelled out on the next page. But I feel like it’s fairly obvious if you’ve been paying attention.

SuperMassive could have kept the drugs from getting around his system by using a sort of gravitational tourniquette, basically by keeping his blood from flowing away from a limb via G-force pooling, but of course that would only work if someone injected him in an extremity, and it would work for a very limited time. Well, I guess he could cut himself and have all the affected blood shoot out of him like an anime character seeing boobs for the first time. That obviously risks him blacking out from blood loss, but the range on the spray would be incredible, unless the extra gravities were just boringly pulling straight down. Still the forensic blood splatter analysts would be fairly flummoxed in either case.

I’m not entirely sure why I had Hiro say “bog roll” instead of “toilet paper.” He’s not British. To really minimize confusion, I should have just had him say “calendar,” but the idea of higher learning via butt napkins is funny to me, even though I don’t think I’d really trust anything printed on novelty bowel towels not to leave my sweet hams streaked with newsprint.

The February Vote Incentive is up! Yes, I know it’s late and I still owe you guys one for March. I already have the pencils mostly done, so hopefully you guys won’t be waiting for it all month?

Kat, you remember, the newly minted were-hare? Well, someone forgot to give her a copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Were-Margaret.” She has questions is what I’m saying.

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