One might be tempted to think that working in entertainment, the two less mature Scovilles would have no excuse to not know what Ma Scoville’s job is, but just because she works in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t mean she’s working on Star Trek or the latest novel-turned-streaming-service-series-with-lots-of-violence-and-boobs. She does do that stuff some of the time, but I imagine she works for a firm that is contracted to a studio or two, and they have jobs like “Hey one of our sitcoms came up with a funny product the slobby husband’s unrealistically hot wife is going to try and sell, can you check on this list of funny names against actual registered trademarks” and other fairly routine busy work. On top of that, there’s probably a fair amount of non-disclosure stuff she has to deal with as to not spoil stuff about unaired shows.

This page is primarily to illustrate that mom has a serious adult-person office job, dad has an as-often-as-not work from home creative job, and guess who primarily raised the daughter, as if it wasn’t entirely obvious.

Okay, the funny thing about this page (to me) is that in the panels leading up to the hairpinsplosion, on this page and the prior one, I put some time into showing the bobby pins slowly losing the battle with Sydney’s hair, then almost entirely covered all that up when I added the orbs in. The orbs are usually the last thing I add to the pages, and even after 900+ pages post orb-reveal, I keep forgetting about them when doing layouts. That why when someone is standing just behind Sydney or over her shoulder, the orbs are sometimes spaced out weird or their orbit is tilted weirdly.

I ran out of time while doing this page, because I was drawing it over Xmas break. In the background of the Krognar poster, I wanted to add Krog standing on the hood of a police car, hacking into the roof as it explodes through a billboard with something like “Re-Elect Bob von Corruptman” on the front, really make it look like some action movie poster from the 80’s, but oh well. The idea of the movie in my head (yeah, I know, this has nothing to do with the comic, but this is the sort of stuff I think about while drawing) is a reverse Isekai. Barbarian comes to the present but instead of being overwhelmed by airplanes and light switches and whatever, he just goes out and kicks a bunch of ass and reminds all the bored soccer moms what a real man is like, and all the schlubby dad-bods get all up in arms about it at first but then start to come around and are like “Well I guess I could stand up to my jerk co-worker and maybe do some pushups.” I’m not sure how well a movie with the moral of “be an aggressive Alpha bro” would do these days, but presumably Laura is mentioning some job he got a while ago.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update: Getting Proofed!

Proofing’s kind of on hold until I get the vote incentive out.

December’s vote incentive guest stars Lana of Spying with Lana. January’s is a little delayed because of the holidays, but will likely be up with the next Monday comic.




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