Sydney uses “ADHD wall of text.” It’s super effective. Exactly what it’s effective at is another matter.

I assume that most languages have acronyms. Not like, Chinese, probably. Or even Japanese for that matter. I know Japan knows what they are for sure, (Evangelion’s N.E.R.V., etc.) but I think they have to use Romanized alphabets to achieve it. But yeah, probably most written languages with non-ideogram based writing systems probably would. No idea about Korean, which is non-ideogram and phonetic AFAIK, but each Korean… syllable (?) is consonant-vowel-consonant (except the ones that aren’t) but that would leave most Korean acronyms looking like something Iceland would name a volcano, or the noise Klingon would make when he got a bat’leth to the groin. KLKTKTK! German seems like a language that would benefit from acronyms.

I enjoy writing Sydney’s stream of consciousness manner of speaking, cause it gives me the change to do a lot of googling about topics I know nothing about. Writing this page taught me what the standard unit of currency is in Senegal, its general exchange rate (it’s closer to 600-1 at the moment, but I have to keep reminding myself that less than a year has progressed since the beginning of the comic) and that xylophone is indeed a word in the French dictionary, but isn’t French in origin. Oh, and also Bissap. I wanna try it.

The March Vote Incentive is up! The thumbnail is weird because the picture doesn’t have anyone’s face in it. It’s an odd incentive, admittedly. Trying something new. But hopefully you all still enjoy it.

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