I would say Anvil should have known better, but it’s been a while since Sydney did any spicy food shenanigans. A long while, come to think of it.

Sydney wasn’t going to drink it straight, either. If you missed it, Sydney is fumbling a granola bar in the second to last panel there. I mean, I don’t know who puts hot sauce on a granola bar, but I couldn’t think of anything else she might have to snack on in her pocket. She’s a vegetarian, one of those ones who will eat ethically sourced animal secondary products like dairy and eggs. She also eats fish… Basically she doesn’t eat red meat. Or white meat if it comes from a bird. Anyway, I only mention that because she wouldn’t have a slim jim or beef jerky in her snack options, and I could definitely see someone putting hot sauce on that.

She might have brought a few MREs with her… I don’t know if those break down well into “stick it in your pocket to snack on later” units. Vegetarian options in MREs are stuff like cheese tortellini or curry. Most protein bars would be comfortably vegetarian for her. I guess I could see putting hot sauce on a chocolate protein bar. Of course it depends on the hot sauce. Weak vinegary shit like tabasco would be awful, but you can get all kinds of flavors. Spicy honey, hot apple pie hot sauce (link), there’s one I got from the Hot Ones guys that has coffee and chocolate in it. It goes amazingly well on a burger. My point is, there might well be a hot sauce that is really good on a granola bar. Honestly the Hot Ones one I linked might work, even though I wouldn’t actually categorize it as actual hot sauce. Still good though.

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