So the mosque affair shall remain as a noodle incident for now. Maybe I can save that for bonus material for the book. It seems like something that might run during the end credits of a movie.

Arianna’s obviously quite pleased with the Sydney development, but I think the marketer in her is making the PR Lady in her forget the hurdles of getting Syd to behave during a simple interview, and she may be overestimating her ability to temper Sydney’s behavior.

I almost have the Dabbler/Zintiel piece finished. The background isn’t coming out quite like I imagined it so it’s taking longer than I had hoped. Stone dungeon interiors isn’t a skill I’ve cultivated quite yet. But I do have something new for November in any case.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Dabbler made a small cameo in Times Like This last week. I’m told she’s slated for another cameo in another comic in a week or so. Arianna obviously has been working overtime getting her guest spots. I’ll link it when it goes up.