It’s usually considered a good thing to have a succubus in your friend circles. This assumes you have a high to excessive libido, and also that you want to sleep with the majority of your friends who are appropriately gendered for your preferences, and let’s be honest, having like a 10% willingness to experiment won’t hurt things either.

People with lower libidos find succubi a little exhausting. Also people, who are, for instance, the leaders of good sized groups of people with lots of rules about fraternization. The good (?) news for people with lower libidos is that hanging out with succubi does tend to ratchet you up a tier or two in that department. Not just because everyone around you is getting it and topics of conversation tend to drift in that direction, but also because long term exposure to their “ambient” pheromones can have an effect on people. By ambient I mean even if they’re trying to minimize the amount they put out, their sweat and exhaled breath does still contain some potent stuff. It’s actually easier to detect a glamored succubus by wiping specially prepared litmus tests down their sweaty cleavage than it is to pierce their glamor. Of course, worlds that rely heavily on magic tend not to have in depth expertise on chemical reactions, especially your typical Tolkienesque/Skyrimish/Gygaxian tech level worlds.

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